Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I know in my last post there wasn't anything for all of you visual learners to look at so take this short post as an addition to the first. Recently, I was able to take a good walk around El Retiro, a famous park here in Madrid, and snap some photos. Its still winter so none of the flora is in bloom, but there is still plenty of statues and monuments around. Once spring comes around I will be going back to the park a lot more, so expect a longer post with better pictures later in the semester.

Also in the middle of the park stands the Reina Sofia art museum. The Reina Sofia hosts small exhibits throughout the year. Gracias a Matt Albert for correcting my dumb ass, the museum in the Park is not the Reina Sofia;  just a small exhibit put on by the Reina Sofia in the Palacio de Vel√°quez. The exhibit now is done by Heimo Zobernig an Austrian artist. Zobernig is a modern artist who makes paintings and sculptures. Some of the works were actually pretty interesting to look at, others were commentary on modern art not being "art for art's sake"... I thought these works were complete shit. For me painting a canvas light grey and calling art is not that impressive no matter what it is making a comment on.

To sum up El Retiro: Beautiful, Massive, Moroccan Hash

These photos were taken with an Iphone so excuse the quality. #nofilter

I swear it will get better.

 Small stream in the park

Sculpture made out toilet paper tubes 

Monument to Alfonso XII


 Zobernig painting

 Why not Zobernig?

 One of the many gardens

 Oh yeah there are peacocks roaming freely around the garden

 More from peacock garden

Close up of Alfonso XII

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